When it comes to buying a home it can be a very exciting but stressful time; the job of a real estate agent is to help. So, it is very important that as a buyer or seller that you love your agent.

When it comes to buying a home it is very important to understand a Buyers Agency Agreement. This is a document signed by you and the agent that binds you to working with that agent. This might sound a little scary, what if you don’t like the agent? As a buyer you have the ability to call an agent and simply ask to look at the home without an agreement, most agents will be happy to show a home and then you can see how you feel about them. However, it is important to understand that an agent’s time is money so they will likely ask you to sign an agreement before showing other properties.

As a seller you have a great opportunity to find an agent that suits your needs. You can start by asking around of: recent home buyers, friends and family, coworkers, and reviews on the internet. Even with all of these resources you have an even greater opportunity to find the right agent through a listing interview. Once you have found a few who come highly recommended you can ask them to come see your home for a possible listing. During this time most agents will walk-through the home, provide you with some techniques, and give you a possible price. If you love that agent then you can sign an agreement with them right away, if not call another and repeat the process.

A real estate agent’s number one job is to serve their client, so it is very important that as a client you feel like they are doing everything they can for you. Don’t feel pressured to sign anything with someone you are unsure of. Also, if you have signed with an agent and you are not pleased, know that you can terminate the contract and look for another. Many agents serve the area you live in so finding one you love may seem overwhelming, but ensuring you have someone on your side is worth it. If you find yourself easily speaking with them and feel they understand you may have found your agent!